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CLI Commands

  apply       Submit a job.json or job.yaml file and run it on the network
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
describe Describe a job on the network
devstack Start a cluster of bacalhau nodes for testing and development
docker Run a docker job on the network (see run subcommand)
get Get the results of a job
help Help about any command
list List jobs on the network
run Run a job on the network (see subcommands for supported flavors)
serve Start the bacalhau compute node
version Get the client and server version.

Top level flags

      --api-host string   The host for the client and server to communicate on (via REST). Ignored if BACALHAU_API_HOST environment variable is set. (default "")
--api-port int The port for the client and server to communicate on (via REST). Ignored if BACALHAU_API_PORT environment variable is set. (default 1234)
-h, --help help for bacalhau


  run         Run a docker job on the network


  -c, --concurrency int          How many nodes should run the job (default 1)
--cpu string Job CPU cores (e.g. 500m, 2, 8).
--engine string What executor engine to use to run the job (default "docker")
-e, --env strings The environment variables to supply to the job (e.g. --env FOO=bar --env BAR=baz)
-g, --gettimeout int Timeout for getting the results of a job in --wait (default 10)
--gpu string Job GPU requirement (e.g. 1, 2, 8).
-h, --help help for run
-u, --input-urls strings URL:path of the input data volumes downloaded from a URL source. Mounts data at 'path' (e.g. '-u' mounts '' at '/app/bar.tar.gz'). URL can specify a port number (e.g. '') and supports HTTP and HTTPS.
-v, --input-volumes strings CID:path of the input data volumes, if you need to set the path of the mounted data.
-i, --inputs strings CIDs to use on the job. Mounts them at '/inputs' in the execution.
-l, --labels strings List of labels for the job. Enter multiple in the format '-l a -l 2'. All characters not matching /a-zA-Z0-9_:|-/ and all emojis will be stripped.
--localoutput string When using --wait, assign a specific directory to download output. (default ".")
--memory string Job Memory requirement (e.g. 500Mb, 2Gb, 8Gb).
-o, --output-volumes strings name:path of the output data volumes. 'outputs:/outputs' is always added.
--sharding-base-path string Where the sharding glob pattern starts from - useful when you have multiple volumes.
--sharding-batch-size int Place results of the sharding glob pattern into groups of this size. (default 1)
--sharding-glob-pattern string Use this pattern to match files to be sharded.
--skip-syntax-checking Skip having 'shellchecker' verify syntax of the command
--verifier string What verification engine to use to run the job (default "ipfs")
--wait Wait For Job To Finish And Print Output
-w, --workdir string Working directory inside the container. Overrides the working directory shipped with the image (e.g. via WORKDIR in Dockerfile).


  -h, --help               help for list
--hide-header do not print the column headers.
--id-filter string filter by Job List to IDs matching substring.
--no-style remove all styling from table output.
-n, --number int print the first NUM jobs instead of the first 10. (default 10)
--output string The output format for the list of jobs (json or text) (default "text")
--reverse reverse order of table - for time sorting, this will be newest first.
--sort-by Column sort by field, defaults to creation time, with newest first [Allowed "id", "created_at"].
--wide Print full values in the table results


  -h, --help                                 help for serve
--host string The host to listen on (for both api and swarm connections). (default "")
--ipfs-connect string The ipfs host multiaddress to connect to.
--job-selection-data-locality string Only accept jobs that reference data we have locally ("local") or anywhere ("anywhere"). (default "local")
--job-selection-probe-exec string Use the result of a exec an external program to decide if we should take on the job.
--job-selection-probe-http string Use the result of a HTTP POST to decide if we should take on the job.
--job-selection-reject-stateless Reject jobs that don't specify any data.
--limit-job-cpu string Job CPU core limit for single job (e.g. 500m, 2, 8).
--limit-job-gpu string Job GPU limit for single job (e.g. 1, 2, or 8).
--limit-job-memory string Job Memory limit for single job (e.g. 500Mb, 2Gb, 8Gb).
--limit-total-cpu string Total CPU core limit to run all jobs (e.g. 500m, 2, 8).
--limit-total-gpu string Total GPU limit to run all jobs (e.g. 1, 2, or 8).
--limit-total-memory string Total Memory limit to run all jobs (e.g. 500Mb, 2Gb, 8Gb).
--metrics-port int The port to serve prometheus metrics on. (default 2112)
--peer string The libp2p multiaddress to connect to.
--port int The port to listen on for swarm connections. (default 1235)