Ways to Contribute

How to contribute to Bacalhau

If you want to contribute to Bacalhau and the Compute ecosystem, we have provided a quick listing of things we need help with and how you can get started.

We welcome your contributions ❤️. If what you want to do is not listed here or you need more guidance, do reach out to us on Slack (#bacalhau channel)


You are always welcome to make code contribution to Bacalhau. This can be done by fixing open issues or opening PRs. You can start by cloning the Bacalhau code repository.


With lots of code comes the need for lots of good documentation! If writing technical documentation is your area or you love writing, we would greatly value your contribution!

Before contributing to the Bacalhau docs, please read through our Style guide and check out the Bacalhau documentation repo.


For questions, give feedback or answer questions that will help other user product please use GitHub Discussions.

Build with Bacalhau

Bacalhau has an extensive list of examples and tutorial that showcase it's abilities.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are more usecases where Bacalhau can be implemented, if you have a specific idea you want to try out with Bacalhau, we encourage you to do that and build anything that you think is missing.


Finally, we see Expanso as a research lab, where YOUR ideas can become technologies that have a real impact on the world.

If you're interested in contributing, please reach out to contribute@bacalhau.org for more information. Include what your interests are so we can make sure you get to work on something fun and valuable.

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