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Can I use multiple data sources in the same job?

You can use the --input-volumes or -v flag multiple times with multiple different CIDs, and give each of them a path to be mounted at.

For example, doing bacalhau run cat/main.wasm -v CID1:/input1 -v CID2:/input2 will result in both the input1 and input2 folders being available to your running WASM with the CID contents. You can use -v as many times as you need.

How can I submit Job requests through CLI to communicate with my Node directly?

To ensure the CLI can communicate with our node directly (bacalhau --api-host <MY_NODE_PUBLIC_IP> version), you need to make sure the 1234 port is open.

Why does my API server listening on /ip4/ when I invoke IPFS Daemon when fetching an IPFS Multiaddress?

Bacalhau communicates with IPFS via it's API port and not the swarm port which is why it's 5001 and not 4001.

The key thing is whether the IPFS node is running on the same host as the Bacalhau daemon. If it is, then is enough to route traffic between the two (because they are both on the same node). If IPFS is running on a different node than Bacalhau, then we need to replace with the IP that the IPFS server is running on.

What to do when I get error connection refused when running Bacalhau API?


When running bacalhau --api-host <MY_NODE_PUBLIC_IP> version and you get this error message:

Error running version: publicapi: after posting request: Post "": dial tcp connect: connection refused

What to do

First, you'll need to check that the bacalhau server is up and running on the same host then it should be connecting using This can be checked by running telnet 1234. If telnet is not connecting to 1234 on the machine that bacalhau is running then one of 3 things:

  • Bacalhau is running on a different machine
  • it's running on a different port
  • it's not running

Can I run Bacalhau in a containerized setup (nested containers)?

We don't support this as it will result in the classic Dind(Docker In Docker) problem.