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Job selection policy

When running a node, you can choose which jobs you want to run by using configuration options, environment variables or flags to specify a job selection policy.

Config propertyserve flagDefault valueMeaning
Node.Compute.JobSelection.Locality--job-selection-data-localityAnywhereOnly accept jobs that reference data we have locally ("local") or anywhere ("anywhere").
Node.Compute.JobSelection.ProbeExec--job-selection-probe-execunusedUse the result of an external program to decide if we should take on the job.
Node.Compute.JobSelection.ProbeHttp--job-selection-probe-httpunusedUse the result of a HTTP POST to decide if we should take on the job.
Node.Compute.JobSelection.RejectStatelessJobs--job-selection-reject-statelessFalseReject jobs that don't specify any input data.
Node.Compute.JobSelection.AcceptNetworkedJobs--job-selection-accept-networkedFalseAccept jobs that require network connections.

Job selection probes

If you want more control over making the decision to take on jobs, you can use the --job-selection-probe-exec and --job-selection-probe-http flags.

These are external programs that are passed the following data structure so that they can make a decision about whether or not to take on a job:

"node_id": "XXX",
"job_id": "XXX",
"spec": {
"engine": "docker",
"verifier": "ipfs",
"job_spec_vm": {
"image": "ubuntu:latest",
"entrypoint": ["cat", "/file.txt"]
"inputs": [{
"engine": "ipfs",
"cid": "XXX",
"path": "/file.txt"

The exec probe is a script to run that will be given the job data on stdin, and must exit with status code 0 if the job should be run.

The http probe is a URL to POST the job data to. The job will be rejected if the HTTP request returns a non-positive status code (e.g. >= 400).

If the HTTP response is a JSON blob, it should match the following schema and will be used to respond to the bid directly:

"$schema": "",
"type": "object",
"properties": {
"shouldBid": {
"description": "If the job should be accepted",
"type": "boolean"
"shouldWait": {
"description": "If the node should wait for an async response that will come later. `shouldBid` will be ignored",
"type": "boolean",
"default": false,
"reason": {
"description": "Human-readable string explaining why the job should be accepted or rejected, or why the wait is required",
"type": "string"
"required": [

For example, the following response will reject the job:

"shouldBid": false,
"reason": "The job did not pass this specific validation: ...",

If the HTTP response is not a JSON blob, the content is ignored and any non-error status code will accept the job.