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Getting Started with the Public Bacalhau Network

Install the CLI

curl -sL | bash

Run a "hello world" job

bacalhau docker run ubuntu echo hello
[2207] INF jsonrpc/jsonrpc_client.go:73 > Submitted Job Id: fa11069f-17e0-47de-b8b5-37444cb396b5

Copy the first part of the job id, such as fa11069f, we'll use it in a moment.

bacalhau list --wide --sort-by=id --id-filter=<JOB_ID>

Replace JOB_ID with the job id you copied in the last step.

Only one of the production servers accepted the job, because you only requested a concurrency setting of 1 (the default in bacalhau docker run).

You should see something like

 fa11069f   QmdZQ7Zb  bid_rejected  /ipfs/
QmXaXu9N complete /ipfs/QmQtZKRPXehLU5JroBbzBCVdhNkgZT7m4MiSD7sUVxE3LD
QmYgxZiy bid_rejected /ipfs/

Copy the JOB_ID (in this case fa11069f), and run:

bacalhau get JOB_ID

You should see the following:

[2207] INF bacalhau/get.go:35 > Fetching results of job 'fa11069f'...
[2207] INF ipfs/downloader.go:101 > Copying output volume outputs

Now read the stdout

cat stdout

Hooray, you have just run a job on the Bacalhau network!

Demo Video

Here is an example of running a job live on the Bacalhau network: Youtube: Bacalhau Intro Video


Please reach out to the Bacalhau team via Slack if you would like help pinning data to IPFS for your job or in case of any issues.