Job Overview


The bacalhau job command provides a suite of sub-commands to submit, query, and manage jobs within Bacalhau. Users can deploy jobs, obtain job details, track execution logs, and more.


bacalhau job [command]

Available Commands

  1. describe:

    • Description: Retrieves detailed information of a job using its ID.

    • Usage:

      bacalhau job describe
  2. executions:

    • Description: Lists all executions associated with a job, identified by its ID.

    • Usage:

      bacalhau job executions
  3. history:

    • Description: Enumerates the historical events related to a job, identified by its ID.

    • Usage:

      bacalhau job history
  4. list:

    • Description: Provides an overview of all submitted jobs.

    • Usage:

      bacalhau job list
  5. logs:

    • Description: Fetches and streams the logs from a currently executing job.

    • Usage:

      bacalhau job logs
  6. run:

    • Description: Submits a job for execution using either a JSON or YAML configuration file.

    • Usage:

      bacalhau job run
  7. stop:

    • Description: Halts a previously submitted job.

    • Usage:

      bacalhau job stop

For comprehensive details on any of the sub-commands, run:

bacalhau job [command] --help


  • -h, --help:

    • Description: Shows the help information for the job command.

Global Flags

  • --api-host string:

    • Description: Determines the host for RESTful communication between the client and server. This flag is overlooked if the BACALHAU_API_HOST environment variable is set.

    • Default:

  • --api-port int:

    • Description: Designates the port for RESTful communication. This flag is bypassed if the BACALHAU_API_PORT environment variable is active.

    • Default: 1234

  • --log-mode logging-mode:

    • Description: Chooses the preferred log format. Available choices are: default, station, json, combined, and event.

    • Default: default

  • --repo string:

    • Description: Specifies the path to the bacalhau repository.

    • Default: $HOME/.bacalhau

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