Node Approve

The bacalhau node approve command offers administrators the ability to approve the cluster membership for a node using its name.


Using the approve sub-command under the bacalhau node umbrella, users can allow a node in the pending state to join the cluster and receive work. This feature is crucial for system administrators to manage the cluster.


bacalhau node approve [id] [flags]


  • [id]:

    • The unique identifier of the node you wish to describe.

  • -h, --help:

    • Displays the help documentation for the describe command.

  • -m message:

    • A message to be attached to the approval action.

Global Flags:

  • --api-host string:

    • Specifies the host for client-server communication through REST. This flag is overridden if the BACALHAU_API_HOST environment variable is set.

    • Default: ""

  • --api-port int:

    • Designates the port for REST-based communication between client and server. This flag is overlooked if the BACALHAU_API_PORT environment variable is defined.

    • Default: 1234

  • --log-mode logging-mode:

    • Determines the log format preference.

    • Options: 'default','station','json','combined','event'

    • Default: 'default'

  • --repo string:

    • Points to the bacalhau repository's path.

    • Default: "$HOME/.bacalhau"`


  1. Approve a Node with ID nodeID123:

    bacalhau node approve nodeID123
  2. Approve a Node with an audit message:

    bacalhau node approve nodeID123 -m "okay"