Task Specification

A Task signifies a distinct unit of work within the broader context of a Job. It defines the specifics of how the task should be executed, where the results should be published, what environment variables are needed, among other configurations

Task Parameters

  1. Name (string : <required>): A unique identifier representing the name of the task.

  2. Engine (SpecConfig : required): Configures the execution engine for the task, such as Docker or WebAssembly.

  3. Publisher (SpecConfig : optional): Specifies where the results of the task should be published, such as S3 and IPFS publishers. Only applicable for tasks of type batch and ops.

  4. Env (map[string]string : optional): A set of environment variables for the driver.

  5. Meta (Meta : optional): Allows association of arbitrary metadata with this task.

  6. InputSources (InputSource[] : optional): Lists remote artifacts that should be downloaded before task execution and mounted within the task, such as from S3 or HTTP/HTTPs.

  7. ResultPaths (ResultPath[] : optional): Indicates volumes within the task that should be included in the published result. Only applicable for tasks of type batch and ops.

  8. Resources (Resources : optional): Details the resources that this task requires.

  9. Network (Network : optional): Configurations related to the networking aspects of the task.

  10. Timeouts (Timeouts : optional): Configurations concerning any timeouts associated with the task.