Job History


The bacalhau job history command lists the history events of a specific job based on its ID. This feature allows users to track changes, executions, and other significant milestones associated with a particular job.


bacalhau job history [id] [flags]


  • --event-type string:

    • Description: Specifies the type of history events to retrieve. Available options include all, job, and execution.

    • Default: all

  • --execution-id string:

    • Description: Filters results by a specific execution ID.

  • -h, --help:

    • Description: Display help for the history command.

  • --hide-header:

    • Description: Opts out of printing the column headers in the results.

  • --limit uint32:

    • Description: Limits the number of results returned.

  • --next-token string:

    • Description: Uses the provided token for pagination.

  • --no-style:

    • Description: Strips all styling from the table output.

  • --node-id string:

    • Description: Filters the results by a specific node ID.

  • --order-by string:

    • Description: Organizes results based on a chosen field.

  • --order-reversed:

    • Description: Reverses the order of the displayed results.

  • --output format:

    • Description: Dictates the desired output format for the command. Options are table, csv, json, and yaml.

    • Default: table

  • --pretty:

    • Description: Offers a more visually pleasing output for json and yaml formats.

  • --wide:

    • Description: Presents full values in the table results, preventing truncation.

Global Flags

  • --api-host string:

    • Description: Defines the host for client-server communication via REST. Overridden by the BACALHAU_API_HOST environment variable, if set.

    • Default:

  • --api-port int:

    • Description: Sets the port for RESTful communication between the client and server. The BACALHAU_API_PORT environment variable takes precedence if set.

    • Default: 1234

  • --log-mode logging-mode:

    • Description: Designates the desired log format. Options include default, station, json, combined, and event.

    • Default: default

  • --repo string:

    • Description: Points to the bacalhau repository location.

    • Default: $HOME/.bacalhau


  1. Retrieve the history of a specific job:

    Execute the command to get the job history:

    bacalhau job history j-6f2bf0ea-ebcd-4490-899a-9de9d8d95881

    Expected output:

    TIME      LEVEL           EXEC. ID    ...     NEW STATE          COMMENT
    ... [The output rows like the ones you've shown] ...
    16:46:04  JobLevel                              2     Pending            Completed
  2. Filter the history by event type:

    Filter the job history by the event type:

    bacalhau job history j-6f2bf0ea-ebcd-4490-899a-9de9d8d95881 --event-type job

    Expected output:

    16:46:03  JobLevel                     1     Pending         Pending    Job created
    16:46:04  JobLevel                     2     Pending         Completed
  3. Filter the history by execution ID:

    Filter the job history by a specific execution ID:

    bacalhau job history j-6f2bf0ea-ebcd-4490-899a-9de9d8d95881 --execution-id e-99362435

    Expected output:

    TIME      LEVEL           EXEC. ID    ...     NEW STATE          COMMENT
    ... [The output rows for the specific execution ID] ...
    16:46:04  ExecutionLevel  e-99362435  QmTSJgdN  6     BidAccepted        Completed
  4. Retrieve the history in YAML format:

    Get the job history in YAML format:

    bacalhau job history j-6f2bf0ea-ebcd-4490-899a-9de9d8d95881 --output yaml

    Expected output:

    ... [The YAML formatted output] ...