Agent Node


The bacalhau agent node command retrieves information about the agent's node, providing insights into the agent's environment and aiding in debugging.


bacalhau agent node [flags]


  • -h, --help:

    • Displays help information for the node sub-command.

  • --output format:

    • Defines the output format (either JSON or YAML).

    • Options: json, yaml

    • Default: yaml

  • --pretty:

    • Beautifies the output when using JSON or YAML formats.

Global Flags

  • --api-host string:

    • The host for REST communication. Overrides the BACALHAU_API_HOST environment variable.

    • Default:

  • --api-port int:

    • The port for REST communication. Overridden if BACALHAU_API_PORT environment variable is set.

    • Default: 1234

  • --log-mode logging-mode:

    • Specifies the log format. Choices are: default, station, json, combined, event.

    • Default: default

  • --repo string:

    • Path to the bacalhau repository.

    • Default: ``$HOME/.bacalhau`


  1. Retrieve Node Information in Default Format (YAML)

    bacalhau agent node
  2. Retrieve Node Information in JSON Format

    bacalhau agent node --output json
  3. Retrieve Node Information in Pretty-printed JSON Format

    bacalhau agent node --output json --pretty