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Bacalhau is a peer-to-peer network of compute providers that will run jobs submitted by users.

This section will show you how to configure and run a bacalhau node and start accepting and running jobs.

You can leap right into the quick start or you can follow these guides:

Quick start

Install bacalhau binary

So we can run bacalhau serve - we first need to install the bacalhau binary

Install docker

So we can run docker based workloads - we need to have docker installed and running.

Ensure IPFS is running

We will need to connect our bacalhau node to an IPFS server so we can run jobs that consume CIDs as inputs.

You can either install IPFS and run it locally or you can connect to a remote IPFS server.

In both cases - we should have an IPFS multiaddress for our IPFS server that should look something like this:

export IPFS_CONNECT=/ip4/

The multiaddress above is just an example - you need to get the multiaddress of the IPFS server you want to connect to.

Configure firewall

To ensure that our node can communicate with other nodes on the network - we need to make sure the 1235 port is open.

Run bacalhau

Now we can run our bacalhau node:

bacalhau serve \
--ipfs-connect $IPFS_CONNECT